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Jewels... Gems... and more... Watches... Time Pieces... and Tiaras... Tiburon has some jewelry stores with temptations right out of Pandora's box. From Goldsmiths to a trendy trinket, there's something for every mood and taste.


Arcadian Design Studio - Hand Made Jewelry, empowered with positive energy.


Deleuse Jewelers - Fine Jewelry, established 1945


Keith Bartel - Goldsmith, Designer, Stone Setter


Nasimiyu Designs - One of a kind designs, made with African trade beads.


St. Germain - Jewels and Art

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Arcadian Earrings - Julie Tuton Designs

Arcadian Design Studio

Ever notice how precious metals and gemstones catch your eye? They love to be admired, and they sparkle, shine and glow all the time! With this idea in mind, Julie creates her handmade jewelry line. Her jewels are an addition to the wearer, not to over power or hide the person, but to bring out the unique natural glow and beauty of the individual.

Watch and feel as you put on a necklace, earrings or bracelet …how you come alive, perhaps stand a little taller, have more energy, feel the sparkle. Being this energy attracts health, vitality and abundance.

116 Main Street
(415) 435-9701


Nasimiyu Necklace

Nasimiyu Designs
80 D Main Street
(415) 435-3429


Deleuse Jewelers
1771 Tiburon Boulevard
(415) 435-2484


St. Germain Jewels & Art
80F Main Street
(415) 435-5207


Keith Bartel, Goldsmith
86 Main Street
(415) 435-6238