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Lhasa Karnak
Herb Company

2482 Telegraph Avenue
Berkeley, CA 94704

(510) 548-0380

Mon - Fri, 10-7
Saturday, 10-6:30
Sunday, 11-6

Lhasa Karnak first opened its doors on Earth Day, 1970, initially sharing a small space with Shambhala Books on Telegraph Ave. in Berkeley. A few years later they moved across the street to a larger location and have been there ever since. 2004 brings them new excitement as they move back to their birthplace. Shambhala Books has closed its doors and they are taking its space.

Lhasa Karnak offers the largest selection and the highest quality herbs, essential oils, and other natural products to be found anywhere. They specialize in Western medicinal herbs and culinary spices, but have a nice collection of traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic herbs as well.

Their most frequent question - what does your name mean and how do you pronounce it? First of all, it is pronounced "Lah-suh Car-nack." The name refers to the cities of Lhasa, in Tibet, and Karnak, in Egypt. Both cities were important in the history of herbal medicine. Karnak is the site of the world's first botanical garden, and Lhasa is the source of much of the East's medicinal plant knowledge.

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