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Metsker Maps
1511 First Avenue
Seattle, WA 98101

(800) 727-4430

Web Site

Monday to Friday, 9-6
Saturday & Sunday, 10-6

Metsker Maps has been a fixture in Seattle for over 50 years. From their beginnings of a humble, small, family-owned business, they've grown into a humble, small, family-owned business with a worldwide presence. As the business has grown over the years, so has the inventory of maps and related items.

Hidden amongst the items in their store and on their Web site are thousands of maps, books, globes, etc. From the earth's image imprinted on a marble to a mural world map 13' x 8.5' or any size in's true. From a "Climbing Guide to Mt. Kilimanjaro" to "How to Travel the Globe on a Budget"... if it's related to travel/hiking/outdoors/recreation, they've got it.

So come on down to Metsker's and explore the world of maps. Imagine yourself transported to all the amazing places a turn of the globe can take you.

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