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The Brain Gym

3235 Sacramento Street
San Francisco , CA 94115

(415) 775-1138

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Monday to Friday 10-6
Saturday 10-4
Sunday Closed

The Gym for your Brain -- It's Fun!

Regular exercise for our brains is just as important as it is for our bodies. Experts tell us that consistent, structured workouts three or more times a week in a setting with other people who are engaged in similar activities is the best way to maintain any improvement program.

Studies show that regular mental workouts emphasizing reasoning, memory, language, quantitative, visual and spatial skills can translate directly to improvement in our lives. We all want to be on top of our game whether we are planning, organizing, driving, remembering a word or name or just concentrating on a task.

Programs & Products Offered at Vibrant Brains

  • Brain Fitness Program 2.0 from Posit Science
  • Memory Training Course - Dr. Gary Small, UCLA
  • emWave from HeartMath
  • MindFit from CogniFit
  • Lumosity - Reclaim Your Brain
  • Happy Neuron - Play Smart!
  • Art Dealer - Seriously Entertaining
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