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Henry Beguelin

3091 Sacramento Street
San Francisco , CA 94118

(415) 292-7559

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The crafting of leather – an art as old as man – metaphorically joins past and present, evoking insight tied to our experience. Things made by hand: this is the hallmark of a new low-tech concept that shuns all chemical treatments, reviving forgotten skills and giving products a patina that immediately lends them a familiar air, like inseparable companions on the long journey of life.

In the early Eighties, a group of friends on the island of Elba started to assemble, almost by chance, belts and bags in natural cowhide and recycled materials. They created handmade, unique and now-legendary items like the Spazzatura belt, decorated with recycled waste, the Tribù belt, embroidered with a family of stylized stick figures, and the collection made using recycled cans commissioned by Comme de Garcons. This entertaining pastime took a serious turn, and the Henry Beguelin brand was born; however its spirit has never changed: objects crafted by hand with ancient mastery, timeless pieces that are always current because they go beyond the concept of short-lived “fads” to become the expression of real luxury.

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