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Hapuku Fish
Get Serious About Seafood
5655 College Avenue
Oakland, CA 94618

(510) 250-6007

Monday-Friday 9 AM – 8 PM
Saturday 9 AM – 7 PM
Sunday 10 AM – 7 PM

Serious about seafood? - We can Help!
If you want to appreciate seafood more, but perhaps find yourself stressed out about where to find it and what to do with it, Hapuku Fish is the place for you. At our market, you'll discover a huge selection of fresh items from the sea and great people who know all about it and can tell you how to cook it!

Connoisseur of the Deep?
Whether you suffer from Fish Intimidation Syndrome - Help! (FISH!) or you fancy yourself a connoisseur of the deep, at Hapuku Fish you will find a beautiful bounty of hand-selected and carefully filleted fresh fish. Daily products include an appetizing array of shellfish including live lobster and crab in season, and tantalizing prepared appetizer and main course items ready to eat or heat.

Offerings from Around the World
Established in 1987 at Market Hall in the center of beautiful North Oakland , Hapuku Fish appeals to fish fanatics from Fremont to Fiji . The well-trained staff maintains the highest standards for quality and excellence. Both in the product and the service, the staff helps you through every step of your selection and meal planning process. Come see what a difference it makes when fish is hand-picked daily at the wharf, carefully handled and presented with great attention to detail and freshness. Hapuku Fish carries choice offerings from around the world, and the staff delights in educating customers about the origins and preparation of the products it provides.

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