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Stonehouse Olive Oil
California Olive Oil

Ferry Building Market Place
Marketplace Shop #28

San Francisco , CA 94111

(415) 765-0405

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Tuesday-Friday: 10am-6pm
Saturday: 8am-6pm
Sunday: 11am-5pm
Closed Monday

Stonehouse California Olive Oil is located in a Nave Shop where it sells its signature, certified extra virgin olive oils in both bottles and in bulk.  The company is best known for its citrus oils, produced by crushing fruit along with olives, thereby flavoring the olive oil.  The popular Stonehouse citrus olive oils include Blood Orange, Lisbon Lemon, and Persian Lime. There are seven bulk selections—the signature House Blend, Estate Blend, Sevillano, Roasted Garlic, Blood Orange, Lisbon Lemon, and Persian Lime.  Customers can buy pre-filled bottles on-site and are encouraged to bring back the empty bottle for a re-fill, saving $2. Other Stonehouse products include the renowned Dipping Oil, a combination of Roast Garlic Olive Oil, Dark Balsamic Vinegar, herbs and chili flakes. Dark and White Balsamic vinegar are also provided for purchase and sampling as a lovely pairing for the high quality olive oils.
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