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Le Bijouterie

1931 Union Street

San Franc isco, CA 94123

(415) 775-6622

Monday to Saturday 10:30-6
Sunday 11-5:30

The story of La Bijouterie began more than 20 years ago when founder Set Fournouzian moved to Africa in the early 1990's to learn everything there is to know about diamonds. After spending 10 years in Africa, Set decided that it was time to apply his knowledge in trading and polishing rough diamonds in the city known as the diamond capital of the world, Antwerp, Belgium.

During the next 10 years in Antwerp, Set became one of the most respected diamond traders in the business. Although he achieved great success, something was missing: he always dreamed of opening his own jewelry boutique to pass his love and passion of unique diamonds and jewelry to the masses. Set finally decided to fulfill his dream, and he and his beautiful wife picked the most beautiful city in the world, San Francisco, to open their first boutique, La Bijouterie.

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