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The Crepe House

429 Gough Street
San Francisco , CA 94102

(415) 863-2422

This clean, well-lighted place for crepes serves mostly locals and hungry shoppers. Meal crepes, such as The New Orleans with Swiss, chicken, mushrooms, sundried tomato and salsa, or the Canneloni with cheddar, onion, mushrooms, ricotta, marinara, and eggplant, pack a punch. Dessert crepes include such concoctions as S.B.K. -- strawberry, banana, kiwi, cinnamon and brown sugar. Nutella crepes are also popular. Aside from crepes, Crepe House offers a variety of large salads, sandwiches, omelettes, and espresso drinks. 429 Gough St., 415-863-2422.
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