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Solano Cyclery
Solano Cyclery
Solano Avenue Cyclery

1554 Solano Avenue

Albany, CA 94707

(510) 524-1094

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Monday-Friday: 11am 'til 7 pm
Saturday: 10am 'til 6 pm
Sunday: Closed- Gon' Ridin'

It may sound ridiculous, but one apparently cannot live on bikes, and bikes alone. That is why there is 'bike stuff.' Bike stuff is a real savior, actually, because it's not always financially feasible to buy a whole new bike. Oh yeah, you may want a new bike (we understand, we truly understand) but there are other things that are important too – like eating, and sleeping inside at night with the bikes one currently owns. Bike stuff is the affordable fix to the familiar jones that all cyclists know far too well.
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