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K2TOG - Knitting the World Together
Knitting Studio & Yarn Shop

1325 Solano Ave

Albany, CA 94706

(510) 526-9276

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Sunday 12-5
Monday 12-5
Tuesday 11-8
Wednesday 11-6
Thursday 11-8
Friday 11-6
Saturday 10-6

K2tog was created by Ellen Graves and Rebekah Bergeman, a mother and daughter team. K2tog is the embodiment of their vision of a special combination of knitting studio, community center, and knitting supply store that is both environmentally and socially conscious. Their shop is a creative place where the knitting community gathers in classes, meetings, or just to knit surrounded by fabulous yarns. Their online store carries a collection of beautiful yarns, knitting supplies, and more and is rich with resources for advancing your knitting skills or reaching out to help others.

They believe in the power of knitting to create community and help others. Again and again, they have seen how knitting together, they can transform a frustration with the world into something useful, even beautiful.

Practicing green business supports the community- and world-oriented mission. They believe that every little bit helps, so they search for practical ways that they and their customers can lighten their impact upon their world. Both online and in the store, you’ll find yarns that are made with the latest "green" fibers. They continually search for the most practical and best "green" choices for you. You’ll always find lots of ideas for knitting and living green at k2tog.
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