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EyeX Optometry
2244 Chestnut Street
San Francisco , CA 94123

(415) 775-3939

Monday - Wednesday, 10-7
Thursday, 10-8
Friday - Saturday, 10-7
Sunday, 11-6

The professionals at EyeX are committed to helping patients meet the visual challenges of today's demanding lifestyle. Their experienced frame stylists will ensure that your eyewear reflects your own personal image.

CONTACTS: They specialize in quality contact lens fittings. Soft, astigmatic, gas permeable (Hard), and extended wear are some of the types available in our office. New contact lens wearers are trained and closely monitored by the doctors and staff to ensure maximum comfort and assurance.

COMPUTER GLASSES: For those who find it necessary to prevent eyestrain from extended computer use at work or at home, computer glasses provided can be particularly useful. With the top of the lens set for the distance between you and your personal computer, these glasses provide a large viewing area and less neck strain.

PERSCRIPTION DETERMINATION: With a comprehensive eye examination, the doctors can correlate all the information. Professional decisions on how to maximize the patient's visual may come in the form of a prescription for eyeglasses or contact lenses or a recommendation for visual training (eye exercises), a referral to an eyecare specialist, or a clean bill of visual health.

LAB ON SITE: Their lab provides the highest quality in eyeglass manufacturing. The staff can adjust new eyeglasses to fit the patient perfectly and make periodic adjustments to ensure comfortable glasses and clear vision.

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